Who We Are

We Are...

Christians, united in Christ. We are family. We come from all backgrounds and walks of life. We span old and young and every age in between. We truly cherish our Christian fellowship.

We are determined to worship God as He has ordained and believe that the Bible is the only guide in these matters. We do not add to or take away from His inspired Word. We seek to please God in all that we say, do, and think. We speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent. The Bible is our guide and the answer to the question "What do we believe?"

We hold fast to the hope of eternal salvation. Life isn't a free ride --- Heaven is real but getting there is NOT automatic. There is life after death and through the grace of God, if we live this life according to the instruction provided in His inspired word, we will be saved from His wrath.We believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour, the son of the living God, and we strive to model ourselves according to His example and after His church as set forth within the Bible -- the inspired word of God.

We do not claim to be perfect by our own merit or accomplishments. We do believe that we can be and are made perfect in God's eyes through Christ (Colossians 1:28).

We are devoted to restoring New Testament Christianity. The New Testament is the pattern for this restoration. We are not a denomination. It has not been our purpose to form or establish a denomination. In fact, we believe that denominationalism and sectarianism are counter to the mission of Christ in establishing His Church.

No Creed but Christ

No Book but the Bible

No Headquarters but Heaven

In Christ Unity

In Opinions Liberty

In All Things Charity